Intelligence makes lukewarm ratings entry

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US cyber-theme series Intelligence has made a mediocre entry in the overnight TV ratings, suggesting it may not be the hit the Seven Network was hoping for.


Launched off the back of the hugely popular My Kitchen Rules, Intelligence attracted just 850,000 viewers on Wednesday to be ninth overall.

It was a long way adrift of MKR, which attracted 1.961 million viewers to be the number one show.

There are just three episodes remaining of MKR with the first semi final between Paul and Blair and Chloe and Kelly airing on Sunday.

Airing straight after MKR and against little opposition, Intelligence was set up for a million plus figure.

Intelligence stars Lost actor Josh Holloway who has had a micro-chip implanted in his brain so he is able to access the internet.

The show’s initial audience numbers will be a concern for Seven as the series is likely to go head-to-head with much stronger programs from next week when official ratings restart.

The only consolation for Seven was that Intelligence did win its timeslot. The nearest rival was ABC1 series The Agony of Modern Manners which was 16th with 500,000 viewers.

1. My Kitchen Rules (Seven) – 1.961 million

2. Seven News (Seven) – 1.155 million

3. Nine News (Nine) – 1.149 million

4. Seven News/Today Tonight (Seven) – 1.063 million

5. Nine News 6.30pm (Nine) – 1.036 million

6. Home And Away (Seven) – 971,000

7. ABC News (ABC1) – 963,000

8. A Current Affair (Nine) – 865,000

9. Intelligence (Seven) – 850,000

10. 7.30 (Seven) – 824,000


16. The Agony Of Modern Manners )ABC1) – 500,000

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